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#1 CE4 Pages » Multiple Web sites with different settings » 2017-09-20 23:49:50

Replies: 1

I am using CE4 through lightfoot to create web sites one for my Photography and two for other people that CE4 lends itself to as they are displaying galleries, i.e. builders. For each site the home page and menus are different. i.e. home galleries for one site home galleries contact etc for another. There colours are also different as well as root etc.
How would I manage this on one Machine with Lightroom, I currently have three a MacBook, MacMini and a surface each have access to the same library as well as local libraries for the photos relevant for each site.

#2 Re: CE4 Gallery » CE4 Gallery large image not working correctly when cart is enabled » 2017-09-15 16:14:32

I missed the window for upgrade and I am not prepared to pay the price for a new product when I have not made full use of the existing one. They don't offer an upgrade path to existing customers so when I do come to look at a new product I will probably try and compare a few to see what best suits.

For the time being CE4 does the job.

#3 Re: CE4 Gallery » CE4 Gallery large image not working correctly when cart is enabled » 2017-09-15 05:03:32


Brilliant that worked great now just need to find a way to update just the bits of a page or gallery that change, that took ages to output everything again just to test it..

But I am happy now to move on to learn a bit more...

#4 CE4 Gallery » CE4 Gallery large image not working correctly when cart is enabled » 2017-09-14 21:02:27

Replies: 5

I have set up a test web site to test learn how to use TTG CE4. I setup the home page added the TTG-BE and CART all seemed to go OK.
I added my first gallery, I used holiday snaps so I password protected them, the gallery works as expected I click on an image and get a large image with arrows to scroll etc.
I then added another gallery this time with cart integration, it looks OK at first glance the little add to cart all work. The problem occurs when you click an image the large image page opens but that is it there is just the image on the page no wrapper as in the other gallery, I have tried three galleries with slightly different cart settings but they are all the same.
On the cart enabled galleries I unticked enable download and tickle enable download for purchase option, the image can still be downloaded by right click and save image.

If anyone has any ideas for things to try that would be great.

The link to the site is there are two test galleries called sunset and sunset no cart you will quickly see what the problem is.

If I can't fix it I will have to look for a new product as I am loath to pay out for Backlight if something simple like this doesn't work

I have just run up a PC with IE running Debug to see if I can find what happens. On the working gallery the gallery runs in a script call clearfix and when you click on an image it stays on the current page in clearfix but with a parameter of map-zoom-out-cur however on the cart version of the gallery it exits clearfix and just open a new page and shows the large image on the page.

#5 Announcements & Information » Documentation » 2014-07-16 22:09:57

Replies: 1

I don't suppose the Documentation is available to download in PDF format, I hate looking at the screen but find it a lot easier to read documentation on my iPad and it would be even better being able to do it offline...

#7 Announcements & Information » Upgrade to CE4 Discount Code not working » 2014-07-16 17:49:57

Replies: 2

Has any one had problems with the Upgrade Discount code in the CE3 Upgradeto-CE4-WebPublishingBundle.txt I placed an order as it suggested and entered the code But got the message invalid code?

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