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#1 Re: CE4 Gallery » How to change the Social media icons bar » 2015-06-11 06:34:51

Hi folks - thanks for the post! it works very nice, including the mobile presentation.

#2 Re: CE4 Gallery » How to change the Social media icons bar » 2015-06-10 23:31:17

Hi Thank for the answers - I'll test the settings and also I'll take a look the mobile website - I'm just look on the desktop at this point, but it's very important to review on mobile!

Thanks again!


#3 CE4 Gallery » How to change the Social media icons bar » 2015-06-10 00:12:12

Replies: 4

Hi Guys,

One of the websites with TTG Kyle Lucy use the social media bar in a different position I locate on BOTTOM, I'm trying to change to put in the same way but I'm not found how I can I do that.
To become easier to understand what I would like to do, I'm sending the 2 links - one from Kyle Lucy and another one from my future website (it's not ready - I'm just trying to solve some tech & layout issues before to start to publish/use).
click in any image and the icons will appear on the bottom/right side - I like this template - with the zoom loupe at left/top etc … 04_people/
in my template the icons appearing on the top with the social buttons collapsed and I not found the zoom loupe option.

I think it's my lack of expertise to find this template - I'm appreciate any help to solve this issue and to find a way to use the same template (after click any image)

Thanks in advance


#4 CE4 Publisher » Search engine with special characters » 2015-06-09 23:50:33

Replies: 3

Hi Guys,
I have a problem with some special characters like a ã, â..used in the portuguese vocabulary - this problem happens when I search for a keywords - for instance: Iceland in portuguese is Islândia, if I type Islandia the result of my search is "not found...".
I've to type exactly Islândia to find them and It may limits the search engine, due some people are used to type without ~' etc

Do you have any suggestion to "ignore" this kind of special character or may recommend any code that I may include in my pages?
I would like to make this search in the same way of - it doesn't matter if a type with â or a, if I type Islandia it'll appear all the results with Islandia or Islândia.

PS: I'm not a programmer/system analyst, I'm just like/try to work on this and I've a friend that helped in some tech issues.

Best regards,


#5 Re: CE4 Cart » The CE4 cart does not work [for me] » 2015-04-28 10:58:39

Hi Rod,

I reviewed my information again and I found my BIG mistake
my temp site is .fot and my new will - thank you for your quick reply!

Now it works..I and I'm just saw my mistake in your message wink

I'm just adjust the code possibilities etc to working in the layout & publish.
Thanks again and sorry about that!

by the way congratulations for your dedication..I'm follow TTG for many years and I'm always recommend during my Lightroom workshops here in Brazil and just right now I'll develop my site using the TOOLS - you and Matthew have been developing a great tool !!

#6 CE4 Cart » The CE4 cart does not work [for me] » 2015-04-28 07:25:12

Replies: 6

I have installed cart on my server, copy inside ttg-be folder, checked my gallery templates to Shopping Cart Integration, inserted the correct path to cart and another configurations.

The preview in Lightroom shows the cart icon on each image in my gallery.  The status bar is also shown.
The cart icon appear but is disable, when I click nothing happens.

If you need any additional information please let me know.
Any suggestions?

this is the gallery … testecart/

I tried to use the cart folder under ttg-be/cart/, also
I deleted, create, update etc and still in the same way.

thanks in advance


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