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#1 Re: Backlight Support » how to enlarge thumbnail?? » Today 11:38:57

Whenever you make changes in image sizes in your templates, you need to republish the images

#2 Re: Backlight Support » 500 Internal Server Error » Today 10:25:52

Can you be more specific as to your installation? Do you still have old CE3 files in place? Did you upload the unzipped backlight/ folder to the root of the site?
Are you still using CE3 Publisher or did you install and are using the Backlight Publisher?
What is the URL to the site?

#3 Re: Backlight Support » Problems sharing large image on social media » Yesterday 22:11:34

what browser are you viewing in?
I've checked in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for iOS and both albums are working as expected. No problem in image sharing.

Beside clearing template cache, try clearing browser cache and looking in different browsers.

#4 Re: Backlight Support » thumbnails not showing up-Album Set thumbnail in Top Level Galleries » Yesterday 13:19:18

print-of-the-month is an album set. Lightroom cannot publish images to album sets, therefore there are no thumbnails in the thumbnails/ folder and therefore nothing for the Galleries page(album set) to find.
In Lightroom, edit the print-of-the-month album set and click on the Cover Image drop down (in the Basic tab) and pick the file you want to represent the album set.
Another option, if you want to use the Random option, is to Export (Library Module) representative images from albums contained within the album sets. Make them the size needed for thumbnails and then upload them to the album set's thumbnails/ folder and choose Random in the Cover Image drop-down.

this works the same way it did in CE4: … album_sets

#5 Re: Backlight Support » How to you manage your test environment? » Yesterday 01:59:33

the only things you'll be exporting and importing are page, album, and album set templates. Settings don't export.

You can copy the backlight/, galleries/, index.php, and .htaccess folders/files over to a new subdomain or sub folder. Then log in to Backlight in that subdomain or sub folder and change the web address settings.

In Lightroom, create a new Publisher instance and enter the API url and key.

You may find that any image you've uploaded via the Backlight uploader are missing. Just upload them again assign them where they need to be (masthead, favicon, etc.)

What might make more sense is what Daniel suggested: to just create a subdomain for testing purposes. Export your templates from your main domain and import them to the test domain.
When new features are introduced, update the test site and play with them. Once you've got what you want, export the page, album, and album set templates and then import them into your main site and assign the new templates as needed.

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Watermarking both thumbnail and Large image in galleries » Yesterday 00:37:50

actually, they've always been handled the same way. CE4 introduced the option of not having watermarks on thumbnails and images intended for purchase.

#7 Re: Backlight Support » Watermarking both thumbnail and Large image in galleries » Yesterday 00:19:04

Watermarks are created in Lightroom. From Lightroom's Library Module you can go to Edit > Edit Watermarks and create your watermarks.

In Publisher Settings (in Lightroom) you can choose the watermark you want to use.

In Album Settings, you can then set watermarks to be controlled by Lightroom (which will use the watermark you chose in Publisher Settings), or you can choose another saved watermark (if you've saved more that one watermark)

#8 Re: Backlight Support » center images on thumbnails » 2017-04-23 10:21:12

Did you republish the images?
There's a setting in Lightroom's Publisher Settings to just republish thumbnails

#9 Re: Backlight Support » reorder top level gallleries » 2017-04-23 09:08:55

The Order Albums By drop-down includes Slug and Slug-descending as well as six other options

The slug and title options rely on alpha-numeric order, ascending or descending depending on your choice

#10 Re: Backlight Support » Bug - Contact Page » 2017-04-22 23:03:40

That might be it. I just changed the Page URL setting on my test site from page.php to page/ and now the image no longer appears on the success page, just a placeholder with the filename. But it's not the blank black area you're getting.
And the image url now has the page name inserted :

But at least this gives Ben a starting point.

#11 Re: Backlight Support » Bug - Contact Page » 2017-04-22 22:41:40

Ah, clearing the caches cleared up the styling for me.

The image on my success page doesn't have the contact page name inserted into the url like yours does.

I wonder if the Page URL Format (in Settings > Website Settings) might have something to do with it. Mine is set at page.php (shows contact.php in drop-down)

#12 Re: Backlight Showcase » At the conversion is complete :) » 2017-04-22 22:33:35

wow. That was a lot of work. looks great. Your Studio Hire page is impressive.

#13 Re: Backlight Support » Bug - Contact Page » 2017-04-22 22:21:34

Terry, are you inserting a Theater Still Image album into the contact page?

I just tried that on the contact page on my test site, and the album I inserted still shows on the success page. … hp?success

Some album styling is missing though. In the real album, the image is centered. But that's probably another issue. … mage-test/

#14 Re: Backlight Support » Backlight Cart 4.0.2 » 2017-04-22 11:10:01

log into Backlight and go to Cart > Orders
Use the filter to find orders

#17 Re: Backlight Support » Still image with Theatre » 2017-04-21 03:28:56

the images on the two pages are the same size for me. I've only checked in Firefox and Chrome though.
Try refreshing the page and/or clearing cache?

#18 Re: Backlight Support » Animoto » 2017-04-20 07:33:54

I just took a look at the Animoto site. You can try simply pasting the code they give you into the Page Copy area of any Backlight page. That might work just fine.
But since it's in an I-frame, it may not. (there could be issues with mobile devices, for instance)

If it doesn't, you could try the Pym I-frame embed feature of Theater … tation_pym

#19 Re: Backlight Support » Animoto » 2017-04-20 06:47:36

what code Do you need to add? If it's just HTML you can add that to any text content area.

A quick Google search found that it's easy to embed Animoto videos in WordPress pages. So if might be just as easy to add the code to a Backlight page.

#20 Re: Backlight Support » Galleries within galleries » 2017-04-19 21:17:17

Mediahype wrote:

I've noticed that a random cover image is not displayed in an Album set when set to random.  An image is displayed though if I select an image fromn the drop down list in the album set config.  This works ok in normal albums.


This is normal behavior. The reason is that Lightroom cannot publish images to album sets, therefore there are no thumbnails created.
If you manually export thumbnails from the Library Module and upload them to the album set's thumbnails/ folder, then the Random option will display the thumbnails you uploaded. … album_sets

#21 Re: CE4 Gallery » Displaying photos in Gallerie » 2017-04-19 00:35:36

If you're using phplugins to manage your navigation, then changing the Galleries link in phplugins should work fine. Give it a try.

#22 Re: CE4 Gallery » Displaying photos in Gallerie » 2017-04-19 00:05:07

are you also using Autoindex or Pages?

If so, your Galleries page is an autoindex and not capable of doing what you want.

You would need to replace that Galleries page with the gallery you want to display. In other words, don't use the autoindex.

If you're not using autoindex or pages, then just upload your gallery and set the gallery menu item on the front page to the URL for the gallery.

#23 Re: Backlight Support » Error when publishing to Backlight » 2017-04-18 23:11:16

that's good to know and will probably help others with similar problems. Thanks for posting back!

#24 Re: CE4 Publisher » Publish Service Or Stage template Watermark » 2017-04-18 22:34:48

There are two ways to control the watermarks.
First, in the Publisher Settings, set the default watermark you want to use.

Then in the album settings, under the Features tab, there's another Watermark setting: Watermark to Apply.
"Managed by Lightroom" is the default, but if you want an album to have a different watermark, use the drop-down to choose the watermark you want to use.

For the home page photos, choose No Watermark for that album.

If you make any watermark changes to an album, you'll need to republish the images. In Publisher Settings, make sure that the "Push metadata..." and "Publish thumbnails..." options are not checked.

#25 Re: Backlight Support » Viewing images from galleries - Advancing through all the photos. » 2017-04-18 22:06:58

this has been the case with lightbox type galleries/albums (Highslide, Photoswipe) for years and has been brought up in the forum many times. I'm pretty sure Matt's explained it before, but the bottom line is that if you're using the Photoswipe presentation, this is how it is. You have a couple of options:

Don't use pagination.
Use the HTML Single Image presentation.

You could also try one of the slideshow options in the Theater module.

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