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#1 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Redirection » Today 02:59:51

you want your Galleries page to be your home page?
Why not just embed the galleries album set into the existing home page?

#2 Re: CE4 Stage » CE4 on Win10 - all settings have gone » 2020-02-26 13:27:55

If I remember correctly, where that information is stored depends.

If it was just stored in the individual web galleries (or the web galleries that makes up templates if you were using Publisher), then I think those settings were stored in the catalog.

If you had made any web templates, then those were stored in the Lightroom\Web Templates/ folder
(C:\username\appdata\roaming\adobe\Lightroom\Web Templates\)
Unless your Lightroom settings are set to store presets with the catalog.

If it's any of the "stored in catalog" options, then you need to be using the catalog that created the web galleries or web templates. Or a backup of that catalog.

If you weren't storing presets with the catalog, then Web Templates should be in the Lightroom\Web Templates\ folder. If they're not there, then perhaps they are on another computer? Or in a backup of the Lightroom\ folder? (Lightroom does not back up that folder).

If I remember correctly.....

#3 Re: Backlight 2 Support » SEARCH function » 2020-02-26 07:38:25

Edit that text in Backlight > Settings > Languages. Click on Manage Language
There’s a section titled Publisher, and the Search a Intro Text field is there.

#4 Re: Backlight 2 Support » SEARCH function » 2020-02-22 06:47:29

Remove the search icon on the top pallet by editing the page template > Top Pallet: Quick Search

then add the search page menu item to your menu set

#5 Re: Backlight 2 Support » SEARCH function » 2020-02-22 03:07:19

The use of quote (") really helps. As an example, a search for Michel Goulet will return 13 items but if the search is stated "Michel Goulet" will return the correct answer: one production only.
This is for people, but when trying to find productions from a specific theatre, say DUCEPPE for example, only one of thirteen shows are returned.

Backlight's search operates on keywords, file names, album titles and image captions

Do all of your pictures have updated captions and keywords? If updated since publication, have you re-published the images?

I'd like to know if I can include some text on the search page, to help users.

Yes, you can add text to the search page.
Go to Settings > Languages. Click Manage Language and scroll down to the Publisher area.

Also, the initial page where the search box is, displays no masthead, nor top pallet or menu. It's just a box and a loupe symbol. But, once a search is initiated, the appearance of the page conforms to the rest of the site. Why is this?

That's just a search form in a pop up window that appears when using that search icon. If, instead, you want your viewers to go directly to the search page, remove that link in the Top Pallet and add a link to the search page in your menu: /backlight/search/

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Incorrect font used » 2020-02-21 23:14:22

href="MyFontsWebfontsKit.css" assumes that you've placed the css file in same folder as every page and album. Make sure there's a complete url to the font kit css file. If you've placed it in the /backlight/custom/fonts/ folder (you would need to create this folder on the server), then the link to it should be:

again, a link to the site might help

#7 Re: Backlight 2 Support » German Umlaut Ä Ö Ü » 2020-02-21 23:10:02

are you using the latest version of Backlight 2? Are all the modules up to date?

I seem to remember something like this coming up in the past, but thought it was resolved with an update.

#8 Re: Backlight Support » Incorrect font used » 2020-02-21 22:20:46

Can you post a link to the site using this font?

#9 Re: Backlight 2 Support » HTML for Ordered List » 2020-02-21 07:56:57

the reason your custom css isn't working is that you're just using ol

The template settings create a selector of ol li, which is more specific.

If you change the setting in the template, that should do the trick. You may need to clear template cache.

#10 Re: Backlight 2 Support » HTML for Ordered List » 2020-02-21 07:55:05


Look in your page template under Typography > Lists
It looks like Ordered List items may be set to circle

#11 Re: Backlight 2 Support » HTML for Ordered List » 2020-02-21 07:20:53

Do you have a page we can look at. Maybe there's something in your custom css that's messing with it.

my sample is using Backlight css, nothing special on my part.

#12 Re: Backlight 2 Support » HTML for Ordered List » 2020-02-21 07:20:06

TBC wrote:

Thanks, Rod.  Alas, I had found that syntax without the <h2></h2>and tried it to no avail...Then I tried yours...

the H2 tags were just for a page heading, they have nothing to do with the list.

don't put the list inside the heading tags.

#13 Re: Backlight Support » Incorrect font used » 2020-02-21 07:17:42

which site is this on?

double check the name of the font files. my guess is that there shouldn't be any spaces in the font file name.

also, if the font files are in a folder, be sure to include that folder name in the path.

#14 Re: Backlight 2 Support » HTML for Ordered List » 2020-02-21 05:13:08

this works for me:

see this test page:


<h2>Reversed ordered list</h2>
<ol reversed>

no custom css needed

It doesn't reverse the order of the items, just the numbers in front of those items.

#15 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Side pallet size / colour » 2020-02-21 04:48:21

that menu button opens the pallet. No getting around that.

#16 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Side pallet size / colour » 2020-02-21 04:40:45

To have the pallet show at all times (which includes your vertical navigation), change the mobile breakpoint in the Layout section of the page template. Set it at a mobile size, like 1024px

when you do this, you may need to disable horizontal navigation.

#17 Re: Backlight Support » Incorrect font used » 2020-02-21 04:37:37

Sure. You can use Google Fonts, and Backlight is already set up for that. Or you can embed your own fonts:
https://ttg-tips-and-tricks.barbeephoto … ight-site/

#18 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Forcing https on admin backend » 2020-02-20 07:53:28

I'm out of ideas.
But Ben probably will have some. Could be a case of something not going right in a database update.
He'll likely ask for Backlight admin as well as FTP access.

#19 Re: Backlight Showcase » Updated website » 2020-02-20 07:50:48

You always do such a nice job with your site. I like the use of search queries to put albums together.
Really great design.
And your pictures are ok too wink

#20 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Forcing https on admin backend » 2020-02-20 07:21:34

is this a site that was converted to https after an initial build?

You could try going to the Backlight Dashboard and clicking on Update Backlight Index Files under Special Links

Is Backlight 2 up to date?

#21 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Forcing https on admin backend » 2020-02-20 06:36:18

I don’t know.

Probably best to wait for Ben or Matt to weigh in

#22 Re: Backlight 2 Support » Forcing https on admin backend » 2020-02-20 06:26:14

Do you have Automatically Redirect Browsers To https set to Yes in the Backlight Settings?

#23 Re: Backlight 2 Support » SEARCH page in French » 2020-02-20 04:31:39

It took me a little bit of fiddling to get it to work.

Now watch Matt come along with something super easy.....

#24 Re: Backlight 2 Support » SEARCH page in French » 2020-02-20 03:53:50

it should look like this:

/* Replace the mobile menu icon with the word "Menu" */

function scripts () {
<script>$(".page__toggle__buttons label ul").replaceWith("<p>Menu</p>");</script>

/* search page placeholder text translation */
 $(\'#search form\').find("input[type=text]").each(function(ev)
     if(!$(this).val()) {
    $(this).attr("placeholder", "new placeholder text");

/* Display the logo in pallet_top */

function pallet_top_title () {
  echo '

  <li class="top-pallet-logo"><a href="/"></a></li>

  return false;

#25 Re: Backlight 2 Support » SEARCH page in French » 2020-02-20 03:45:31

If it's not working when you enable it in phplugins, it's probably because of that syntax error I mentioned. You initially put the code outside of the echo in the script hook.

Make sure you place the code in the script hook. As you have it above, it's coming after the closing of the pallet_top_title hook.

Insert the code directly after the other script (the replace menu icon script)

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