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#1 Re: Backlight Support » Metadata after changing to Pangolin » Today 01:22:38

Just tried it. Looks like you might have found something.
Assigning the template from Backlight resulted in no metadata showing. I tried changing back to Okapi then back to Pangolin. Still no change. In fact, what I needed to do was edit the album in Lightroom and then simply click the Edit button and republish. Then the metadata appeared.

#2 Re: Backlight Support » Metadata after changing to Pangolin » Today 01:13:12

Correct. I changed the template in Lightroom. I didn't realize you were using the Assign Template feature in Backlight.
I'll try the other way and see what happens

#3 Re: Backlight Support » Metadata after changing to Pangolin » Yesterday 23:20:29

I can't repeat the problem on my test site.
I created an Okapi based album and included metadata in both thumbnail metadata fields.
Published album and metadata appears.

I created a Pangolin-based album template that included the same metadata tokens in thumbs metadata fields.
I switched the album from the Okapi template to the Pangolin template. As expected, the thumbnail metadata disappeared.
I then republished the images (metadata only) and the metadata appeared right away. I didn't need the extra step.

Too bad, actually. If I was able to duplicate the problem it would make it easier for Ben to isolate it.

#4 Re: Backlight Support » Button Scroll To Top » Yesterday 22:40:15

it's working correctly for me.
Can you post an album that exhibits the problem?

And credit where credit is due, the original code is from Monte Trumbull, I merely added a small css contribution in this thread: … hp?id=7894

#5 Re: Backlight Support » Metadata after changing to Pangolin » Yesterday 09:50:33

Random things to check:

Have you checked your Publisher metadata settings in Lightroom?
There's a metadata setting that offers several choices: All Metadata, Copyright Only, Copyright & Contact Info only, etc.
Could it be that this was changed from All Metadata to another setting?

Can you check to make sure you're using the latest version of Backlight and that you've got the latest Pangolin-album module uploaded.
Are you now on Backlight 1.2.2 Release 2? Did you replace the Lightroom Publisher plugin that came with the latest version?

have you tried creating a completely new album template to see if it will put the metadata where you want it?

If that's not it....I'm not sure. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. Feel free to export your album template and email it to me. I'll see if I can publish metadata using it.

#6 Re: Backlight Support » Fancybox Slideshow » Yesterday 09:32:06

did you look at the Fancybox documentation on their site?

#8 Re: Backlight Support » Metadata after changing to Pangolin » Yesterday 05:01:32

The page source code indicates that no metadata is being added to the thumbnail display (specifically to the list item in the figcaption).

I can see the caption in the <figcaption> html element, but not in the <li> item below that.

the only thing I can suggest is double checking the album template that you're using. (album-template-id-22)

Under Thumbnail Grid, make sure you've turned on Metadata One or Metadata Two or both and that the appropriate tokens have been added.

Republish the images.

#9 Re: Backlight Support » Fancybox Slideshow » Yesterday 04:14:13

if you do this, be sure to save a copy of the file somewhere as it will be overwritten with the next pangolin-album module update.

#10 Re: Backlight Support » Metadata after changing to Pangolin » Yesterday 04:01:07

can you post a link to an album?

In Pangolin Album Template it is {caption} like in Okapi Album Template.

It's actually {Caption} (capitalize the C) … ata_tokens

#11 Re: Backlight Support » radio Buttons in contact forms » Yesterday 03:57:48

It's what I do when I need more elaborate forms. Not to hard to do if you've already got a WordPress blog.

#12 Re: Backlight Support » Fancybox Slideshow » Yesterday 01:37:07

You may be able to edit the file yourself. I've not tested it.

It looks like the file to edit might be backlight\modules\pangolin-album\dynamic\js\fancybox.cfg.php

You can find Fancybox Options documentation here:

And it looks like the code to add will look like this, only with your own numbers:

slideShow : {
		autoStart : false,
		speed     : 4000

I'm not sure where you would add that in the file. Maybe at the beginning of the section marked with:

     * +Fancybox Gallery

perhaps right before the animationEffect: setting.

#13 Re: Backlight Support » Fancybox Slideshow » Yesterday 01:22:01

But there is no user setting for the Fancybox slide show.

#14 Re: Backlight Support » reCAPTCHA » Yesterday 01:20:48

1: that's really up to you. Personally, I'll wait until I get annoyed.
2: again, that's really your call; whenever spam gets annoying to you
3: I've not seen much about it, but try a search on "How is reCAPTCHA viewed in the internet community"
4: minimal impact, just a checkbox, basically. Here's one on my test site:

#15 Re: Backlight Support » radio Buttons in contact forms » 2017-08-15 22:42:40

I don't think this is something that's easily done by the user. It looks like it involves Backlight core files and that's not something to mess with lightly.

If you need this feature right away, the easiest way may be to create a WordPress page and add a contact form using one of the many contact form plug-ins available (Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Form Ninja, etc...)

#16 Re: General » I have a working site but dont know how to use pangolin » 2017-08-15 22:37:19

Create a new page template.
When you do, under Type, you have the option of creating an Okapi page template or a Pangoline page template. Choose Pangolin and create your design.
When you go to create a new page or a new album or album set template, choose the new template you just made.

There's more on this toward the end of this blog post: … available/

#17 Re: Backlight Support » Vegas Slideshow don't work » 2017-08-15 21:48:00

Are you using the full-screen slideshow option or the inline option?

#18 Re: Backlight Support » radio Buttons in contact forms » 2017-08-15 21:46:14

Looks like Ben is already looking into adding checkboxes … hp?id=7916
I wouldn't be surprised if radio buttons get added too.

#19 Re: Backlight Support » CRG Feedback clear so client can start again. » 2017-08-15 09:51:38

Have you tried changing the post submission actions in Settings?

#20 Re: Backlight Support » Can publish in LR, but don't see any picture on the website » 2017-08-15 00:53:00

looks like you're using Theater's Blank presentation. Change that to one of the other presentations.

#22 Re: Backlight Support » Lost ability to tweet image ? » 2017-08-13 13:02:23

or use the Slide Show presentation. That presentation has the social sharing buttons.

#23 Re: Backlight Support » CRG Feedback clear so client can start again. » 2017-08-12 02:08:45

I haven't tested it lately, but previous versions had a provision for adding Select all/Select none links
http://ttg-tips-and-tricks.barbeephoto. … t-options/

#24 Re: Backlight Support » Lost ability to tweet image ? » 2017-08-12 00:10:06

The links with the large images are social sharing links. They will post the URL to the image's permalink.

Using the links, any of your viewers can share your images on their timeline.

#25 Re: Backlight Support » CE4 > Backlight 1.2.2 Migration success - but still having challenges » 2017-08-11 15:12:21

I can't figure out how to get the 'seniors' to show as an album set(?). My CE4 site was set up so when you went to galleries there was a 'link' that took you to an auto-index of all of my senior albums.

If your site was previously created with autoindexes rather than album sets (via Publisher) then there is no way to automatically migrate them. You'll need to re-create them.
http://ttg-tips-and-tricks.barbeephoto. … backlight/

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